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Balloon Flower Platycodon As Purple Flowers

purple flowersDo you want to have such a beautiful garden? If you are, the choice of Balloon Flower Platycodon is can be the best. As one kind of purple flowers, this flower is able to make your garden to look more beautiful with its luxury color of purple. As we know that purple color is the symbol of royalty with luxury touch in it so that’s why choosing flowers with purple color planted in the garden can be something great. In addition, if you want to get more information, get all of them by reading the following passage.

Balloon Flower Platycodon: Planting And Care Purple Flowers

Balloon Flower Platycodon includes flowering plants from Campanula was family and it is native flowers to East Asia country like Japan, Korea, and China. This plant can grow up to 12 inches for wide and 24 inches for the height having beautiful purple flowers usually blooming in the late of summer. Then why it is called as Balloon Flower is because of the shape of the flower itself which can swell up like a balloon. Then Platycodon itself also has some varieties so you will not only find the purple one but also the other flower colors such as with and pink.

If we talk more about how to take care of the flower, the right answer is none since it is a type of plant that can be both easy and hard to be grown. Of course, the factor like the varieties, the soil and the climate will influence it. Because of it knowing many information relating to the Balloon Flowers is so important actually. In summary that is all about Balloon Flower Platycodon as a good choice for purple flowers planted in your garden. By planting them, now you will have a unique and beautiful garden in your house.