kitchen cabinet refacing

DIY Refacing Kitchen Cabinet

kitchen cabinet refacingSo you want to makeover your kitchen, but you find that replacing your kitchen will cost a great deal of money. Well, it will be great if you just do kitchen cabinet refacing. Refacing is always a nice idea for homeowners who want to change their kitchen’s looks but does not the way to spend too much for their makeover budget. When it is able to completely make a change in your kitchen, it will be a great option for you who want to do the DIY project as it is easy to do by yourself.

DIY Kitchen Cabinet Refacing For New Look

Now, let’s start to learn the step by step to reface our kitchen cabinet. First of all, we need to remove all the things that we are going to replace properly. We must prepare for the workplace by removing nails and screws that are in the front, doors or in the side panel. Second, when we do kitchen cabinet refacing, it is inevitable that we are going to clean and also sand the cabinet so that we can do the next process in the best way. In this case, we need to wipe down the wood with soapy water without making the wood soaked.

If you have finished with the cleaning with soapy water, you can then sand it with sandpaper after it gets dry after the cleaning. Once you finish the sanding, you can go on to stain the wood. This step is important to coat the wood. You can choose the color that you like this staining process. Afterwards, you can clear the coat for protection. Next, you can install the finish like its knob, hinge and other with the brand new hardware. The last, you can reassemble the door and others that you remove before to finish your DIY kitchen cabinet refacing.