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The Fat: The Benefit and Dangerous

Health tipsYour body should have the fat, some people that have the fat too much in their body should have the body shape that will make them uncomfortable and don’t confident with their performance. But, you should know that your body also needs the fats. You just can consume the meals that contain the calories too much because these calories that not use can become the fat. So, what is the benefit of the fats in your body? What is the dangerous aspect when you consume the fats too much? Don’t go anywhere!

The Benefit and Dangerous Of Fats

In the big line, there is two kinds of fat that you should know, the saturated fat and unsaturated fats. The saturated fat becomes the fats that contain the bad fat and will give the bad effect for your health. After that, the unsaturated fats become the good fats that your body needs when you consume this kind of fat regularly. What is the benefit of the fat for your body? The first, you will need this fat become the energy source for your body that will support your daily activities. After that, you also need the fat to make the vitamin late and this vitamin can absorb easily in your body to complete your body needs. The next function, this fat also will help you to protect your important organ inside your body. This fat will protect the organ from some dangerous condition, and other benefits of fat.

So, what is the danger of the fats for your body? When you consume the meals which contain the fat too much, you may increase the cholesterol in your body. After that, you also can increase the risk of heart attack when you have the high level of fat in your body. The next, you will have the over body weight or all people can call it as obese. This condition will make the bad body shape and invite many kinds of diseases that dangerous for you. So, you should be wise when you want to consume the meals that contain the fats too much.

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