Gain Our Body to be Athletic

Who does not want to have an athletic and muscular body like Christiano Ronaldo or CR7 the professional football athletes? In addition to exercise actively, do not forget nutritious foods too, especially foods that support muscle formation. In addition, we have to exercise or even practice in the gym, we also must diligently consume foods that contain healthful substances and help us to build muscle.

The Most Important Food to Help Us Reach Our Dream

If you want to increase muscle mass, you should eat egg whites only. The content of egg white is rich in protein, besides egg whites hardly have cholesterol and fat than egg yolks. Egg whites are the most powerful and fastest food to build muscle. Second, Milk is known to have a lot of protein and vitamin content. Milk is very good for consumption, especially after sports. Its protein content helps build your muscles. Choose high-protein, low-fat and low-sugar milk. The third is a chicken chest. Each part of the chicken body has different levels of nutritional content. For those of you who want to strengthen the muscle mass should be the meat consumption of the chest because this section is richer in protein content. Fourth, fish oil is also able to make the body’s metabolism more quickly react. Used by health observers to restore fitness after a hard activity such as exercise, because fish oil has anti-inflammatory properties that can restore stamina. This makes fish oil good for building muscle mass. Then, nuts do contain lots of vitamin E. Vitamin E is excellent for muscle strength. Almonds are so. It has a balanced protein and fat content in accordance with the needs of our body. The last is bananas. This one fruit is rich in good calcium to help build your muscles.

Thus, the list of foods that are believed to contain lots of protein, vitamins and other substances that help us to build muscle mass in order to look athletic like professional athletes. In addition, the most important is regular exercise and adequate rest.