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Healthy Breakfast Ideas For You

Health lifeNow that you learn breakfast is an important part of your morning routine, you may want to learn more about some healthy breakfast ideas. We cannot deny that sometimes we just do not have any idea about what to eat in the morning which then leads us to not eating anything for breakfast. To avoid something like this, here are some breakfast ideas which are healthy, quick and simple.

First of all, we have Chia seed toast, banana, and nut butter. The combination of chia seed, toast, banana, and nut butter will energize you to do any activity all day long. It is super simple. You just need to prepare for toast with nut butter on it, a half of banana which has been sliced as topping and chia seed as an additional sprinkle over the topping. It will be a delicious healthy breakfast that you can make easily and quickly in the morning.

Secondly, we have yogurt smoothie and berry. If you want to a fresh and delicious drink to start your morning, yogurt smoothie with berry can be a healthy choice for you. To make this healthy beverage, you just need to blend some frozen fruits like berries and banana with Greek yogurt. For the liquid, you can choose whether to choose coconut water, juice, milk or other. In case you do not want to rush in the morning, you can make it at night then freeze it overnight to be enjoyed in the morning.

Lastly, we have savory oatmeal with egg. For another option, you can also make oatmeal for your breakfast. For this recipe, you need to prepare for water or milk, salt, pepper as a replacement for sugar or cinnamon. Make it as your usual oatmeal then add a poached egg on it. Before you serve this healthy breakfast, you can sprinkle cheese for an additional tasty kick.