How To Identify Types Of Acne?

For young adult and teenager, acne seems to be the one that is able to make you worry the most. That’s why reading how to get rid of acne is very important for them. The change of hormones in young adult and teenager has become the one that is blamed for the appearance of acne. However, there is no hesitation that acne is possible to happen to anyone even the adult one. So, what are those types of acne?

Here Are Different Acne Types And How To Identify Them

  1. Pustules

In the first place, there is a pustule which is inflamed acne. This one is hard for you to touch and it is also commonly filled with pus. To identify the acne is this type, you can look at the white spot which has pale yellow as its center. If you cannot find this characteristic, there is a possibility that the acne is from a different type.

  1. Papules

Second, there is papule which is an acne-type with a small dot with red color. How to get rid of acne with this type can be different with the other acnes. It looks like a bump on our skin. Different with pustules, you may not find it hard to touch the acne. However, getting the acne into rash will result in the scar on your skin.

  1. Blackheads

Next, there is also blackheads which can be identified easily because of its appearance on the certain part of our face. It is common for this type of acne to develop on our nose, forehead and even chin. This acne is known to be a result of follicles that are blocked.

Those are several acne types that may appear on our faces. Actually, there are more to discuss since there are more types that have not mentioned above such as whiteheads, cysts, nodules and more. You may need to read any information about how to get rid of acne as well in case you get the problem soon or later.