Relieve Your Anxiety and Stress

Mental problem is one of the most serious health problems. Different from a physical problem, the mental problem might not be seen so people will be difficult to find it at the first stage. Nowadays, mental health becomes the most concern around the world. The effect of mental health itself is on the same level or even higher than a heart attack as the most dangerous disease. That is why so many people start to concern more about mental health. Two commons problem related to the mental problem are anxiety and stress. In fact, there are more than 70% of adult in the US who get anxiety or stress in their life.

3 Ways to Get Rid of Anxiety and Stress

Actually, there are some ways to get rid of anxiety or stress. Before that, you have to consult with professional to see the right condition of yourself. One thing that should be noted, mental illness cannot be done only by self-diagnose since it leads to misdiagnosing. Make sure that you get diagnosed by the right professional. So, how do you to get rid of anxiety or stress? First, you have to do exercise. It will help you to get lower stress hormones on the body, get better sleep quality, and get a feeling of more confident and competent.

Second, don’t forget to take some supplements. You can try to get lemon balm which has big effect to reduce anxiety effect, Omega-3 that will reduce anxiety symptoms, ashwagandha which is a herb that help to treat anxiety and stress, green tea that has high polyphenol antioxidants that reduce the increasing of serotonin level, and also kava-kava which is kind of pepper that usually used for mild anxiety and stress treatment. For the last, you have to avoid caffeine. If you take a high dose of caffeine, so it will make your anxiety and stress getting worst.