how to reset arduino uno

How To Reset Arduino Uno Using Pin

how to reset arduino unoThere are some cases when you need to reset the program that you have created in Arduino. One of the common reasons is because of bugs causing crash and system instability. There are some other issues that make resetting necessary such as scheduling the loop of a specific task. No matter what the purpose is, resetting is one of the mandatory formulae that one should know in dealing with Arduino Uno. The question now is how to reset Arduino Uno? There are some approaches that can be done. The first is through the physical button and the other is through series of program syntax.

How To Reset Arduino Uno Using Available Pins

Today, we have a special procedure to reset Arduino. It is by using pin available in the module when you buy Arduino. It is highly recommended if you use the latest Arduino Uno modules because it supports updated features that will help you to control it. If you want to know more how to reset Arduino Uno, keep reading. Basically, your plan is to automate the switch. You also need to make sure you have the real Arduino Uno module. If you do, you will see the reset component on the header pins.

The module should consist of button and resistor. From this point, you need to take a wire from the pin indicating the reset command and the wire from the ground or GND. Both GND and the RESET should be connected properly by using a pushbutton. After that, you can push the button for resetting the system. That is how to reset Arduino Uno using a pin. The external button will work just fine, and there is no need to insert code for restarting the system. Internal pull-up resistor may also be required if you want to lower externally.

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