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Synology DS216play Review in NAS Unit

NAS UnitDo you know what NAS is? This term stands for Network attached storage which will provide the expanded storage so that all people can find more space to save various backup files needed. Then if you use Mac operating system, NAS has several best products that can be chosen. For instance, is Synology DS261play. You can see the review of it in NAS Unit website. Here there will be some great information that all people have to understand. What are they? Just read the following paragraphs.

Synology DS216play Review in NAS Unit Website

As having been mentioned before that Synology DS216play includes in the best NAS for Mac. It is actually true because of there are many things which can be found in this device. Thus, what are they? For the first one is about the offers given to all of the users. Here two-bay NAS and on-the-fly transcoding feature will collaborate well so that those features are allowed the users to store the files of videos directly to mobile devices. The set-top boxes are equipped with highlights supporting 4K Ultra HD format.

Furthermore, this device is designed well for the company. Indeed, the various features there are the biggest reasons why people are recommended to choose this NAS product. Talking more about it, there is a port of gigabit Ethernet on the rear part of the box. Also, USB 3.0 and 2.0 ports can be found there as well. In addition, the power connector which is able to be used with external power pack becomes the next best thing you can get from the device. Of course, there is no reason making you not to choose this device, isn’t it? For more info, check it out in Thus, are you ready for all of the things about the best NAS for Mac operating system?