Tips To Buy Fresh Tuna

Want to get the best quality of tuna for your restaurant? You have to know some tips to get the fresh and healthy tuna. For the best recommendation, you can buy tuna directly from fresh tuna suppliers. There are a lot of types of tuna that are offered in suppliers. It can be canned tuna, frozen tuna, or even fresh tuna. If you want the fresh one, so you can get it from the suppliers too. However, you have also know how to choose the best quality tuna so there will be no regret to be serving in your restaurant.

How To Choose The Best Quality Tuna From Fresh Tuna Suppliers?

There are some ways to check tuna condition, whether it is of good quality or not. To get the best quality tuna from fresh tuna suppliers, you can do some inspections. For the first, you can check on the tuna grill. Actually, the grill color of tuna will be various. It will be bright red when the tuna caught at the first. On the other hand, the grill color of tuna will be turned out to be brown or even darker in a long time after it has been caught. So, you can choose the healthy and fresh tuna that has bright red color and it will feel cold and clean.

For the second, you can also check the healthy tuna from its scales. Tuna will have a firm and shiny scale right after it caught. You cannot choose flaky or dry scales since it is not fresh tuna. For the third, you can also inspect on fins and tail of tuna. The wet, intact, and healthy look fins and tail means that the tuna is fresh and healthy. You cannot buy tuna with ragged and torn fins. You can visit for more tips.